How soon we forget (a fangirl confession)

A few days ago,  I noticed that a teammate in my volleyball league had a shiny new Windows Phone (I think it was an HTC Radar). I asked her how she liked it and she frowned, complaining that she couldn’t set custom text message tones for individual contacts.

I laughed in response and said, “What? Really? That’s silly. ”

“Yeah,” she replied, “I was finally just able to set custom ringtones after the last software update but still can’t change text tones. This phone is the suck.”

I’m a little ashamed of my reaction here since the ability to set custom text tones just became possible in iOS 5. Which means that as an iPhone user for more than four years now, I have only been able to set a custom default text tone or specific tones for individual contacts for a little over 2 months (since the gold master release of iOS 5 in October), a small change which has thrilled me to no end.

Why was I so quick to ridicule her Windows Phone for a limitation I experienced with the iPhone myself (jailbreaking aside) for more than 4 years?

Oh, well. At least I’m earning my iPhone fangirl stripes. Is there a Game Center achievement for that? XP points? Anything?


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