iOS 5 and iPhone 4S tips and tricks

Since iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S were released last week, there have been several tips and tricks posted all over the web that I’ve found useful and I wanted to put these all in one place so you could benefit from them too without having to search high and low to find them yourself.

  • Have Siri pronounce your name correctly or call you something else entirely, via TiPB. As I mentioned in this week’s podcast, I have Siri call me “Mistress” (other alternatives I had in mind were too long or, um, not entirely family-friendly for use in public).
  • Use Siri to tweet, via Mashable.
  • Define contact relationships for Siri (so you can just say “Call Mom” or “Text my husband” and the like), via TiPB.
  • Disable Siri when your iPhone is locked to prevent others from using it if it’s lost or stolen, via Business Insider. This is a setting enabled by default and is a potential security issue since anyone could get your personal information by asking Siri “What is my contact information?” or other similar questions even when your iPhone is passcode-locked.
  • Change your iMessage caller ID to hide your phone number, via Cult of Mac.
  • Enable emoji in iOS 5, via 9to5Mac. Yay! You don’t have to use a 3rd-party app to enable emoji anymore!
  • Creating different lists in the Reminders app, via TiPB. The neat thing about this feature is that you can then use Siri to add to these lists. For example, I’ve created a list titled “Shopping” in Reminders and I can just tell Siri, “Please add milk to my Shopping list” and she’ll do it. This makes Reminders far more useful for me beyond reminding me about tasks at specific times and locations.
  • A list of Siri commands to add punctuation, special spacing and characters and more to text you dictate, at Crush Apps. You can also download this list to carry around with you if you have the Paperless app (link opens iTunes), which is one of my favorites for keeping lists.

If you’ve come across any other tips you’d like to share, post them in the comments!