Vintage Aluminum Back Panel for the iPhone 4S

I frequently changed the back panel of my iPhone 4 when I had it (you can see my review of the most expensive replacement back I tried, the Mas Design titanium back, here) but I haven’t been as adventurous with my iPhone 4S for some unknown reason. However, that is going to change soon since I saw this beauty from K.O. Gadget yesterday and placed an order (click on the image on the left, courtesy of K.O. Gadget, to see a larger version).

K.O. Gadget is only offering it up for sale for a short period to evade an inevitable cease and desist order from Apple because of the unauthorized use of the company’s logo. As I write this post, it will only be available for sale for about one day and eight hours more.

I don’t doubt that Apple protects their logo aggressively but this still feels like a bit of a marketing ploy to encourage sales. Regardless, I ordered one. And, I also ordered the light mod kit with it. I’m not quite sure if I’ll be brave enough to install it since it requires opening up my iPhone and connecting some additional wires to power the light, which will most definitely void its warranty. However, K.O. Gadget is claiming that this new and improved light mod kit is better than the first one they released late last year which earned some bad reviews.

It will take around three weeks before everything arrives but I’ll post about it once I’ve got installed and have had a little time to use it.

SGP Steinheil Ultra Fine screen protector for the iPad 3

I’ve been using my new iPad without a screen protector since I received it and I have now officially reached my breaking point with the fingerprints it accumulates. I put screen protectors on my last two iPads but thought I’d see what it was like without one this time around but I’ve had all I can stands and I can’t stands no more, in the immortal words of Popeye.

I don’t know how you non-screen-protector-using folks deal with the constant fingerprints. Even if I wipe it down every day I use it, it’s still too much. My OCD tendencies must be too great to cope with a naked iPad screen.

So, as with my iPhone 4S, I ordered an SGP Steinheil Ultra Fine screen protector for it, which arrived today. I’ve installed it and it’s every bit as fantastic as the version on my iPhone 4S. If you’re looking for an anti-glare screen protector, I definitely recommend this one. You can find it on Amazon here.

(SGP also makes an Ultra Optics version which I had for the iPad 2. I prefer the Ultra Fine version over that one, in case you’re choosing between the two. The Ultra Optics version may offer a tiny bit more clarity but it has a noticeable texture under your finger compared to the Ultra Fine version. Also, the Ultra Optics version collects fingerprints a little more than the Ultra Fine version, though it’s not nearly as bad as a naked screen, of course.)

A little retro iPhone case fun

I found this case on Amazon and thought I’d try it out. Though I don’t like to admit it, I’m old enough to remember cassette tapes very well. I remember recording straight from my favorite radio stations using a small, cheap Panasonic boombox I had gotten for Christmas one year. I’d replay my favorite songs over and over, dancing to them in the basement. I’d make mix tapes and exchange them with my friends. I still have some of them in a box in the attic, though I don’t think I even have a tape player anymore to listen to them.

This case, which is made by Cbus Wireless, cost me just under $3 shipped from Amazon (it’s currently priced at $3.37 as I write this post). You can find it on Amazon here. It’s not the most well-made case – the cut-outs are sloppy, the mold seams are visible and the surface has multiple imperfections but I didn’t expect much for just $3. Regardless, it’s cute and nostalgic, particularly in contrast to the technological magnificence of the iPhone 4S itself.