everythingiCafe: the show “Juicer Fanbois”

I’m a little behind in posting about this one but a new episode of the everythingicafe.com podcast is available through iTunes. In this episode (number 57, in case you’re keeping track), Chris Meinck and I talk about some iPad mini rumors and some demands a consumer organization in Australia is making of Apple in relation to the new iPad.

We also talked about a couple legal issues Apple’s involved with, namely the Lodsys patent suit and a recent decision that allows Apple to intervene a bit in this suit on behalf of developers, and Apple’s response to the Department of Justice about the claims that Apple colluded with book publishers to set ebook prices.

My Teh Awesome of the week was Osfoora, a Twitter app for the Mac. I think I may have mentioned Osfoora for the iPhone and iPad in a previous episode but a recent update to the Mac app added Tweet Marker, a service that keeps your timeline position in sync across apps that also use this service, regardless of platform. Since I read Twitter on a variety of devices, this feature is incredibly useful for me. (On the iPhone and iPad, I use Tweetbot, which also makes use of Tweet Marker.)

Chris’s Teh Awesome was iTunes Match. He did a walkthrough of how to set up this service and he is very happy with how it lets him access his entire library from anywhere and lets you replace music you’ve ripped at a low quality with a higher-quality version from Apple. I also subscribe to iTunes Match and I’ve been pretty happy with it as well.

[frame]As I mentioned in this episode and the last one, I’ve got a review of the Morris Lessmore DODOcase for the iPad 3 that I ordered last month coming up. I finally recorded the video review this weekend and I’ll post it tomorrow, so stay tuned.[/frame]

everythingiCafe: the show “Don’t Pile on the Rabbit”

I have been a bit slow lately posting about new episodes of the everythingicafe.com podcast that I co-host with Chris Meinck when they become available, but better late than never, right? We recorded episode 56 of the show last week and it’s available now through iTunes here.

Chris and I talked about the Department of Justice’s charge against Apple and book publishers, some recent rumblings about iTunes and a possible overhaul Apple may be doing, speculation on a 4-inch screen in the next iPhone model, an unfortunate Chinese teenager who sold a kidney in order to buy an iPhone and iPad, and more.

We had a suggestion from listener Jon of Awesome Apps about how iOS developers can help each other get exposure in the App Store, which we talked about at great length. I took this as an opportunity to revisit some of the points I covered in my tips for app developers on how to get an app reviewed from a major review site, an article which I admit has a bit of a snarky tone but is still meant to be helpful to developers.

My Teh Awesome of the week was the SGP Steinheil Ultra Fine screen protector for the iPad 3, which I blogged about recently. It’s a fantastic screen protector that cuts down on glare and fingerprints and I highly recommend it. Chris’s Teh Awesome was the Clear to do app for the iPhone. I have Clear as well and it’s a lovely app to use (and I reviewed it for my day job here) and it’s a great choice if your to do list needs are simple and straightforward.

We did record a new episode a few days ago but it’s not yet available in iTunes. I’ll post about it when it is. Remember that if you have a question or comment for us, you can submit it to us by voicemail at (646) 820-3431 or via email at podcast@everythingicafe.com. Your question will be played or read on the air and we’ll be happy to answer it as best as we can.

SGP Steinheil Ultra Fine screen protector for the iPad 3

I’ve been using my new iPad without a screen protector since I received it and I have now officially reached my breaking point with the fingerprints it accumulates. I put screen protectors on my last two iPads but thought I’d see what it was like without one this time around but I’ve had all I can stands and I can’t stands no more, in the immortal words of Popeye.

I don’t know how you non-screen-protector-using folks deal with the constant fingerprints. Even if I wipe it down every day I use it, it’s still too much. My OCD tendencies must be too great to cope with a naked iPad screen.

So, as with my iPhone 4S, I ordered an SGP Steinheil Ultra Fine screen protector for it, which arrived today. I’ve installed it and it’s every bit as fantastic as the version on my iPhone 4S. If you’re looking for an anti-glare screen protector, I definitely recommend this one. You can find it on Amazon here.

(SGP also makes an Ultra Optics version which I had for the iPad 2. I prefer the Ultra Fine version over that one, in case you’re choosing between the two. The Ultra Optics version may offer a tiny bit more clarity but it has a noticeable texture under your finger compared to the Ultra Fine version. Also, the Ultra Optics version collects fingerprints a little more than the Ultra Fine version, though it’s not nearly as bad as a naked screen, of course.)

everythingiCafe: the show “Can’t Hardly Wait”

Chris Meinck and I recorded episode 55 of the everythingicafe.com podcast earlier this week and it’s now available for your listening pleasure through iTunes. As in previous posts announcing the availability of a new podcast episode, I’d say that you could also listen to it right here if you’re visiting my site with a Flash-capable browser, but this feature hasn’t been reliable lately, so YMMV.

Chris and I talked about a wide range of topics this week, including the selection of Ashton Kutcher to play a young Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie, rumors about the timing of the release of the next iPhone model, Consumer Reports and its recommendation of the 3rd-generation iPad and more. We also talked a lot about the Nokia Lumia, which is supposed to be Nokia’s new flagship smartphone. You’ll need to listen the podcast to see how we got off onto that tangent.

Chris’s Teh Awesome this week was OMGPOP’s Draw Something app, an iPhone/iPad game that’s like remote pictionary where you guess the drawings of your opponent and they attempt to guess yours. My Teh Awesome was Scrivener, a fairly heavy duty Mac app for writers that will help you craft that novel or screenplay with ease. It’s not cheap at $44.99 but it’s been a great help so far with my first novel, which had gotten long enough to be too hard to work with as a simple text document.
I neglected to blog about episode 54 of the show when it was released last week. That’s also available in iTunes if you want to take a small step backward in time to hear me and Chris talk about more about the 3rd-generation iPad, Apple’s problems with an Australian consumer watchdog organization over its 4G label for the new iPad, and some surveys that yielded interesting statistics about Apple products and Siri on the iPhone 4S. My Teh Awesome in that episode was the Morris Lessmore Dodocase for the iPad 2/3 that I recently got for my new iPad.[/frame]

Review: Acme Made Skinny Sleeve for Apple’s MacBook Air

Image courtesy of Acme Made

I’ve always loved the look and feel of Apple’s aluminum laptops and while they’re pretty sturdy, they’re not immune to scratches and dents, even when they’re carried inside another bag. Though I have several laptop bags with dedicated compartments, my 11-inch MacBook Air is small enough that it can fit into other bags I have that lack a dedicated space for a laptop. For these bags, I wanted a slim yet protective sleeve for my MacBook Air and chose the Acme Made Skinny Sleeve.

There are ton of sleeves out there for the MacBook Air but the Acme Made Skinny Sleeve caught my eye for a few reasons. First, it has some additional reinforcement built into walls of the sleeve to provide even more protection against dents. Second, it’s a very slim, low-profile sleeve that adds little bulk to the already-thin MacBook Air. Third, though I’m not the kind of girl who’s drawn to pretty colors, I really liked the dark eggplant color available as a nice alternative from the black cases and bags I usually buy.

So far, the Acme Made Skinny Sleeve is definitely living up to my expectations and is keeping my MacBook Air protected, all while looking sleek and professional in the process and I have only a few tiny gripes about it. Read on or watch my video review after the break to find out more.

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